Pregnancy with Adam



I loved every single minute of my first pregnancy.  I embraced my growing belly (and body).  I was excited to be pregnant and to soon be a mom.  I read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” front to back more than once and I followed it’s advice to a T.     I carefully watched what I ate and drank.  I never had more than a few caffeinated beverages in that whole 9 months. I didn’t eat any meat that wasn’t completely dead. I stayed away from deli meats and hot dogs, soft cheeses and anything  unpasteurized.  I made a tight connection with my midwife.  I was very calm and at ease around her and knew that my birth would be beautiful in her hands.  Her office was sweet and homey, nothing “medical” about it.  She knew I wanted a natural birth and we talked about my birth plan more than once.  I took a child birthing class and a breastfeeding class  I thought I was doing everything right during my pregnancy and everything I could in preparation for the birth of my baby.  I took the very best vitamins and drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea to strengthen my uterus.  I did prenatal yoga and deep breathing to prepare my body for birth.  I never let the aches and pains get to me,  I was too in love with being pregnant!  When my midwife told me I’d probably be 2 weeks late, I was kind of happy.

However, to everyone’s surprise, I wasn’t 2 weeks late. I was actually 3 days early.






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