Preparing for a Second Pregnancy


After Adam’s traumatizing birth, I was determined to dig deeper and educate myself more on what actually happened during his birth and why.  I found a lot of answers!  It’s actually scary how much expecting mothers don’t know, and how much doctors won’t tell.  It makes sense though, if you think like a business.  Hospitals are a business, especially in labor and delivery.  It’s a baby production line with lots of room for mistakes, law suits, and dead babies.  So it makes sense that any OB would prefer to just lay a woman down and cut her baby out of her ( c-section) it makes sense that any OB wouldn’t want to wait 20+ hours for a woman to labor and birth her baby naturally. Epidurals and pitocin make sense because they can speed things up and make it a pain free experience.  Unfortunately epidurals, pitocin, and every other “intervention” done in hospitals negatively effect babies and mothers, like long term negative effects.

Here is an example of what I’ve found usually happens to first time moms:  41 weeks gestation rolls around and there is no sign of labor (but are you really 41 weeks? due dates are just a guess anyway) The mother becomes anxious and stressed out by all the concerned family and friends who constantly ask, “Where is this baby?”   An induction date is set,  other means of trying to induce labor are tried, but don’t usually work, because baby just isn’t ready yet.  But anyway, Pitocin is started.  Pitocin usually leads to an epidural.  An epidural means laying flat on your back (something that every pregnant woman is told NOT to do) which means baby is not getting proper oxygen.  Also laying flat on your back means your body is working against your contractions to move baby down. With an epidural, Pit is usually given in higher doses because the mother can’t feel it anyway.  With more pitocin, the baby becomes distressed.   At this point you may be dilated enough to start pushing, but you have an epidural so you don’t feel the urge.  An episiotomy is cut, severely traumatizing the perineum.   Forceps or vacuum extractors are used, causing more trauma to your infant.  Or if you aren’t dilated enough, a c-section is ordered. ( Most people think a c-section is the easiest way to have a baby, but in reality more mothers and babies die each year from complications due to a c-section than any vaginal birth) After all that, the mother sucks up her disappointment and learns not to care.  She is made to believe that her body just didn’t do it’s job and that the doctor saved her baby’s life.  However, it was the doctor and normal hospital “protocol” who likely caused the mess.  Women are made to believe that their birth experience doesn’t matter, only a living baby matters.  This is how women lose their power, their God given power to bring life into this world.

Don’t get me wrong, some women are at a high risk, some women NEED interventions to save their life and their baby’s life.  Doctors and hospitals are a blessing in those situations.  Some women do beautifully with an epidural and their labor goes on with out a hitch.  Some women are truly happy with their c-section.

My wish is that women would educate themselves from a source other than their doctor or the condescending book “what to except when you’re expecting” (which unfortunately was my pregnancy bible with baby #1) Get the information and make your own decision.  No matter what choice you make, having the knowledge to properly make that choice will lead to many more happy mommies.  Happy mommies are what is important.

Back to what I found out about Adam’s birth:  Pitocin contractions made it so he couldn’t move his arm away from his face, Pitocin contractions are what distressed him.  Laying in bed made my body work against the good efforts of my contractions, prolonging labor.  Demerol made Adam sleeping and “drunk”.   Demerol affected his heart as well as his first 24 hours of life.  His body had to work over time to get it out of his system.  He was too sluggish to nurse properly, resulting in weight loss. (the effects of an epidural on an infant are similar)  I learned that the position a woman is in during delivery makes a huge difference in the way her baby is born.  No woman should delivery on her back, it makes the  passage for baby so much smaller!  The only reason we deliver that way is because it’s easier for the doctor to see what’s going on.  I found out that in my situation, with Adam being stuck, all I would have had to do was flip over onto my hands and knees and he would have come right out ( medically called the “Gaskin Maneuver” )  Every bad thing with his birth could have been prevented and handled more safely than it did in that hospital room. Everything. If only I was left alone to labor as my body told me to.  LIGHT  BULB!  If I want to experience a natural and SAFE birth, for my baby and myself,  I can’t be in a hospital.  I don’t even go to the doctors, let alone a hospital, when I’m sick, so why would I go to a hospital to birth a baby.  Birth is natural, birth is not a disease.  Hospitals cause problems in an otherwise healthy pregnancy and birth.

Meanwhile through my journey to find answers, my sister got pregnant and started her own journey.  She started planning a home birth. It was so wonderful to have someone so close to me who wanted the same thing and was strong enough to go against the flow to achieve what she thought was the best thing for herself and her baby.

The month she was due to have her baby, I found out I was expecting baby #2.


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