Pregnancy with Samuel



Right in the middle of summer I conceived Samuel.  Right in time to be exhausted and nauseous for harvesting and putting up veggies from the garden (but I’m very happy to say that I managed to do enough to last us through the fall and most of the winter)  I had a very busy first trimester and it flew by in a flash.  Then with my second trimester came winter time and I was so thankful for the rest.  It also came time to tell my family that I was expecting.  Some of them already had suspicions because my dear daughter kept talking about babies in bellies and may or may not have put a couple of steamed shrimp down her shirt at dinner one night to pretend that they were her babies in her belly.  Regardless, it was nice to have that secret.  It was a happy and stress-free time.

This pregnancy was pretty uneventful.  It went by quickly with no problems.  However at my first appointment with a midwife team that I was interviewing, they said I was measuring very big, 2 months bigger.  One of the midwives suspected twins, the other suspected a fibroid.  So I went for an ultrasound at 18 weeks to figure everything out.  Just one baby who was measuring right on track and no fibroid.  All that fuss for nothing.  So I found myself a new midwife.  Which was a blessing and a huge relief.  I was on the fence about having a midwife to being with.  After doing everything myself with my last birth, the idea of trusting someone else to make judgments about my labor was a little scary for me.  Then when those two midwives were totally wrong about just the size of my uterus, it was the icing on my cake of doubt. But in the end, if I could have a midwife this time, I would.  So I kept looking.  And an amazing midwife showed up and put everything to ease.

I didn’t have any crazy cravings.  I wasn’t too emotional.  My blood pressure actually got lower as my pregnancy progressed.  My body felt good.  It was a very balanced and simple pregnancy.  It went by very quickly.  Until the last month anyway.  But no surprise there.


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